App Ordering: Is Your Restaurant Cashing in on the Benefits?

More than three-quarters of Americans now own smartphones — up from 35 percent just six years ago, according to Pew Research Center. Not only has mobile overtaken desktop computers in terms of use, but Nielsen data reveals that users are also showing a clear preference for mobile apps over mobile websites. The takeaway is clear for forward-thinking restaurants: Mobile apps are an important part of reaching today’s consumers.

While the primary reasons for connecting to restaurant mobile apps were once discount hunting, checking out the menu and confirming location and hours, a new trend is on the rise: mobile ordering. Wondering how mobile app ordering will impact your foodservice operation? Here’s a closer look at three things restaurants can expect when they embrace this increasingly popular consumer preference.

1. Orders will grow — both in number and in size.

Research indicates that people order more food when ordering online. Why? Because a well-designed mobile app lets users do everything from seeing images of the food to browsing add-on menu items. Not only will more people order food thanks to the convenience of an app, but they’ll also order more food than they would if they were placing a to-go order over the phone.

2. Diner satisfaction will increase.

Have you ever endured a long day at work and looked forward to relaxing with a favorite restaurant meal only to end up grabbing something out of the fridge at home instead? Today’s consumers are all about instant gratification. By introducing a mobile app aimed at allowing diners to order food at exactly the moment they’re thinking of it, you not only help turn an idea into an order, but you also build critical customer loyalty by helping your diners fulfill a need.

3. Kitchen operations will be simpler and more streamlined.

What restaurant owner or manager isn’t looking for ways to make things run smoother in the kitchen? Factor in that there’s nothing more frustrating for a diner than a restaurant getting an order wrong, and the benefits of mobile app ordering become even more apparent. Not only does mobile app ordering eliminate the middleman and give customers the ability to check their orders, but it also put a premium on accuracy by providing specific, tangible instructions to kitchen staff. When rare mistakes do occur, meanwhile, mobile apps provide a paper trail of what went wrong.

Today’s society is increasingly mobile, and the restaurant world is no exception. Restaurants looking to stay ahead of the curve while keeping customers happy have everything to gain from putting online ordering literally at diners’ fingertips thanks to mobile apps.


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