Five Ways Vulcan Equipment Can Help You Make the Most of Your Small Restaurant Kitchen

An oft-touted rule of thumb says that the size of a restaurant kitchen should be in proportion to the number of seats in that restaurant. Specifically, common wisdom recommends five square feet of kitchen space for every restaurant seat. However, it’s not always possible to adhere to this formula in today’s competitive food service industry. By choosing the right equipment, however, you can stretch the space you do have into optimal usability. Read on for five tips aimed at helping restaurant operators achieve big results in small kitchens with a little help from Vulcan.

1. Modular Matters – Consider Layout When Choosing Equipment

Kids love playing with different shaped LEGOs because they let them create all kinds of configurations they couldn’t with same-shaped pieces. The same principle applies to customizable commercial equipment: The more modularity they offer, the more versatility they add to any restaurant kitchen.

Consider Vulcan’s innovative Endurance Range Series, which lets restaurant operators design a piece to meet their unique specifications. Available in range sizes starting at 12 inches and expanding all the way to 72 inches with the ability to mix and match everything from top sections and bases to griddles and charbroilers, the Endurance Range line makes it easier than ever to make the most of the space you have.

2. Beyond Size – Small Kitchen Equipment Makes A Difference

Size doesn’t always matter. This is exemplified no better than by Vulcan’s Minijet™ Series. If you’re of the mindset that a piece of equipment is better merely because it’s bigger, the Commercial Electric Boilerless Mini Combi will quickly dispel that notion. In fact, it offers all of the amazing benefits of combi cooking — and more, thanks to three intuitive displays designed for all skill levels — in one oven-sized package.

3. Freeing Up the Floor

When kitchen floor space is at a premium, restaurant operators are not without options — if they are willing to think outside the box, that is. Specifically, countertop equipment like Vulcan’s CEF Countertop Fryer and Hand Tilting Counter Kettles offer practical and convenient ways to increase square footage without sacrificing performance.

4. Doing Double Duty – Commercial Kitchen Equipment Can Services Multiple Purposes

Why use a piece of kitchen equipment to perform one kitchen task when it can handily perform two at once? Vulcan’s multitasking Refrigerated Chef Base/Stand with Drawers simultaneously increases both countertop space and kitchen storage positioning itself as a go-to in any fast-paced commercial kitchen. Not only does it come in a range of sizes, but Vulcan’s Refrigerated Chef Base/Stand with Drawers is also available in self-contained and remote models.

5. The Efficiency Imperative

We often think of the switch to energy efficient equipment merely in terms of energy savings. However, in small kitchens, they offer yet another benefit. As anyone who’s ever worked in a busy commercial kitchens knows, they’re often sweltering environments. By facilitating your ability to do more with less, Vulcan’s energy efficient equipment can help keep things cool and comfortable — even in the tightest spaces.

Designing a commercial kitchen is challenging enough on its own. Enter in space constraints, and the problems grow. Luckily, there are some things you can do to maximize productivity in minimal space. At the top of that list? Using these tips and choosing the right commercial kitchen equipment from Vulcan.

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