Why Less IS More in Your Commercial Kitchen

At Vulcan, we’re well aware of the tremendous potential of technology to improve and enhance foodservice operations. After all, the pursuit of innovation –frequently enabled by technology– is a huge part of our mission to help today’s busy commercial kitchens enjoy next-level performance and achieve high-quality results.

However, we’re also aware that technology for technology’s sake not only serves no purpose, but it can actually end up costing you time and money. In short, we’ve learned to keep it simple when doing so benefits the end user, and we can think of no better example of this concept than cooking equipment controls.

Simple Is Better with the ABC Combi Built for Professional Kitchens

While it’s natural to assume that more complicated controls are somehow inherently better, we’ve found that overly complex controls interfere with both performance and results for one simple reason: They’re confusing. Conversely, simple, user-friendly controls have the power to minimize confusion, streamline operations, and ultimately support a more seamless flow of work in the kitchen.

Consider Vulcan’s revolutionary ABC Series Combi Oven Steamer. Specifically designed to support the needs of today’s busy kitchen staff, the ABC couldn’t be easier to use. Just flip it on, set the temperature, set the time, and the ABC Combi does the rest by automatically setting the correct humidity level.  To see for yourself how easy it is to achieve perfect food with minimal effort thanks to the ABC Combi’s ingenious design, be sure to check out our Combi Control Simulator.

Foodservice Operators Appreciate Fuss-Free Functionality with the VC5G

Another example of the beauty in simplicity? Our VC5G Gas Oven for professional kitchens. Controlled by just two dials featuring gradient markings and toggle switches, the VC5G is remarkably similar to what you’d find in a residential kitchen. Now compare it to other gas ovens featuring complicated touch pad controls requiring multiple finger taps and a basic understanding of programming logic, and the benefits of easy and intuitive controls are further spotlighted.

A commitment to customer-back innovation means the user experience drives every engineering and design decision we make at Vulcan. And we can think of no better way to make your life easier in the kitchen than by making our products easier to use.