The Benefits of Choosing Local Service Techs

Service is a simple yet significant way to protect your commercial kitchen equipment investment. However, not all service providers are created equal. While knowledgeable, reputable, and professional technicians are important, many restaurant owners underestimate the value of something else: Ease.

One of the best ways to ensure that ease? Choose local service providers. Here’s a closer look at four reasons why local service technicians are the best option when it comes to supporting your restaurant goals and needs.

1. Easy access and fast emergency response.

When your range, griddle, stove, fryer, or other go-to piece of kitchen equipment breaks down just before the start of your busy Friday night dinner service, having access to local service techs can make all the difference to business continuity. A local servicer will have you back up and running in the shortest amount of time possible.

2. More routine maintenance and service checks.

Service techs don’t just handle commercial restaurant equipment repairs. They also perform routine cleaning and preventative upkeep — all aimed at supporting performance and productivity in the kitchen while saving you expensive deferred maintenance costs. In offering the advantage of close proximity, local servicers minimize the chances that you’ll let routine service and maintenance lapse.

3. Lower costs.

As most commercial equipment technicians charge an hourly rate, you’ll enjoy cost savings in reduced travel time.

4. A better understanding of your unique needs.

Because local service technicians are within close proximity of your restaurant, they are positioned to develop a better understanding of your needs. Rather than merely showing up when you need something with no context, a local technician can offer personalized insights into how your commercial kitchen equipment can help you reach your operational needs and goals.

Enter Vulcan’s extensive network of local service providers. Thanks to a multitude of locations throughout North America and abroad, Vulcan equipment is supported by not one but two service networks: the premier Hobart Service network as well as a Certified Independent Service network. The takeaway for restaurant owners who choose Vulcan equipment?  In addition to the high-quality performance for which the Vulcan name is known, the many benefits of local servicing will always be within your reach.


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