Vulcan to Help Take Gold Star from Chili to Burgers

Success in the intensely competitive restaurant industry relies on your ability to evolve. The iconic Cincinnati company, Gold Star Chili has done just that with a $25 million rebrand scheduled to roll out completely by 2021. The company has spent the past half-century making a name for itself on the Cincinnati chili scene but have decided it’s time for a serious shift in strategy. Here’s a closer look at what to expect from the Gold Star reboot, along with where Vulcan fits into the mix.

Beyond Chili

With a name like Gold Star Chili, it’s hardly surprising that this spicy specialty has been front and center on the restaurant chain’s menu; until now, that is. The well-known brand will soon drop the “Chili” from its logo while expanding its menu to include popular favorites like burgers, fries and shakes in addition to its signature chilis. According to Restaurant Business, this is a “return-to-roots story,” as Gold Star Chili originated as a spin-off of a restaurant called Hamburger Heaven.

The Vulcan Difference

Currently an 81-unit chain, the company is “teeing up a 200-mile-radius franchising effort,” Gold Star Chili president Roger Davis told Restaurant Business. Playing a central role in the new kitchen design? Vulcan griddles. Renowned for their durability and performance, Vulcan griddles are the ideal addition to any commercial kitchen looking to beef up its offerings.

Factor in Gold Star’s plans to revamp its drive-thrus to keep pace with demand for its new menu and the value of Vulcan’s extraordinary griddles for cook line efficiency and effectiveness becomes even more evident.

While the rebranding will include a new look, it’s about more than mere visuals, insists David. “It starts tableside. If the people waiting on you don’t nail it, and the food’s not where it needs to be, the rest doesn’t matter,” he told

Thanks to the productivity-boosting Rapid Recovery™ composite griddle plate material, Vulcan griddles will offer paramount partnership when it comes to helping Gold Star build on its tradition of executing with excellence through the exciting changes ahead.