Guest Blog: Preventative Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance of commercial refrigeration equipment serves several vital purposes, including maximizing performance, minimizing electrical consumption, and boosting the lifespan of the unit. Wondering where to begin when it comes to preventative maintenance for your Traulsen undercounter refrigerator? Read on for the essential areas to focus your efforts during commercial refrigeration cleaning and maintenance.

Inspect and Clean

Why Sanitation and prolong cabinet life
Frequency Daily
Time Required 5 minutes to prepare, 10 minutes to complete
Preparation Baking soda and water (mixed to a 1 TBSP baking soda to 1 pint water ratio)
Soft Cloth
Cleaning Apply with a dampened cloth and wipe in the direction of the metal grain.

(Avoid the use of strong detergents and gritty, abrasive cleaners as they may tend to mar and scratch the surface. Do NOT use cleansers containing chlorine, this may promote corrosion of the stainless steel.)

Inspection Visually inspect the unit for signs of wear that may require repair

 Inspect Door Gasket

 Why  Long  reliable service life
Frequency  Every three months
Time Required 10 minutes to complete
Preparation  n/a
Cleaning n/a

Open cabinet door (s) to inspect gasket.

Pull gasket with hand and visually inspect gasket (s) for tear, dirt, mold or worn gasket. Replace as needed.

Model and serial number is required when placing a parts order Traulsen 800-825-8220

Clean Condenser Coil

Why Long  reliable service life
Frequency  Every 3 Months
Time Required 5  minutes to prepare, 15 minutes to complete
Preparation For All Upright Cabinets, remove the two bottom screws securing the louver panel, then pivot this upwards allowing full access to the front facing condenser. For all TE Series, TU Series & TS Series, place hands under the louver panel and pull out and up to get louver panel off bracket of the unit.

For the compact under counter units, remove the screws holding the back louver cover. This will allow full access to the condenser.

Cleaning Vacuum or brush any dirt, lint or dust from the finned condenser coil, around the compressor and other cooling system parts as indicated. If significant dirt is clogging the condenser fins, use compressed air to blow this clear. When finished reverse the louver removal process as instructed above.


Ultimately, even the best commercial equipment is only as good as the condition it’s in. Regular in-house cleanings combined with a proactive professional maintenance plan add up to a smart strategy for keeping any industrial refrigeration unit in optimal working condition.

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