Griddle Cleaning Demo Video

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Griddle cleaning and maintenance is important to do every day in your operation to keep your equipment looking and performing at its best. To get the optimal results from your griddle it is essential to keep it free of carbonized grease.  If a griddle is left uncleaned, carbonized grease on the surface can hinder the transfer of heat to the food, resulting in spotty browning and loss of cooking efficiency. Plus, it can affect the appearance and taste of the food.

In this video, you will learn how to properly clean the three different plate materials available on Vulcan’s VCCG Series griddle; steel, chrome or Vulcan’s exclusive Rapid Recovery® composite plate. Each plate requires unique steps specific to the finish of the cooking surface. For instance, while a griddle brick may work well on a steel plate, it is damaging to a chrome surface. With any griddle, it is also important to empty the grease drawer as needed throughout the day and regularly clean it at least once daily.

Following the specific griddle cleaning procedures for each plate material outlined in this video will ensure that your VCCG griddle looks better, lasts longer and performs better. For more information on how to clean and operate your VCCG Series griddle, refer to the operations manual on Vulcan’s website.

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