Vulcan Takes Home Innovator Award at StarChefs Congress

The 13th Annual International Chefs Congress held by StarChefs took place October 21-23, 2018 in Brooklyn, NY. At this year’s Congress, Vulcan provided kitchen equipment for multiple activities and demonstrations during the event, including various workshops and the Blended Burger Battle.

The Vulcan Versatile Chef Station (VCS) was a leading star of the show, serving as the primary cooking equipment for world-renowned chefs like Tyler Anderson from Millwright Restaurant and Michael Gulotta from Maypop and Mopho.

Vulcan’s VCS Earns Esteemed Prize for Innovation

Because of the admirable functions and qualities of the VCS, Vulcan earned the 2018 StarChefs Innovator Award for Heavy Equipment on the last day of the event. This award is reserved for top-of-the-line heavy-duty kitchen equipment We are proud to have been recognized by one of the most noteworthy industry organizations for being on the cusp of modern cooking developments.

Vulcan’s VCS is a Worthy Prize Winner

The VCS is a multi-purpose, one-of-a-kind piece of cooking equipment capable of multiple cooking techniques. It maximizes cooking versatility in a single, compact piece of equipment so that chefs can execute the variety in their menu without sacrificing space.  Chefs at this year’s annual StarChefs Congress used the VCS to fry, steam, braise, and otherwise perfect their savory concoctions during demonstrations.

Not only did the chefs get the opportunity to use the VCS, but they also got to demonstrate the multiple ways in which the VCS can be used to prepare a range of different foods. Vulcan’s superior dedication to great culinary experiences was truly brought to light by the professionals using the equipment at the event.